Un paseo por El Prado

  • Client The Prado
  • Date 2019
  • Role Art direction & design
    Front-end dev.
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The briefing

For another year, The Prado Museum trust Unidad Editorial to give more visibility to its massive temporal exhibitions. For this we developed a website to be integrated under the news site of El Mundo.

Un paseo por El Prado
Un paseo por El Prado
Un paseo por El Prado
Un paseo por El Prado

A deeper vision of the project

For five years in a row The Prado Museum and the newspaper EL MUNDO work together.

On the occasion of the new season of exhibitions at The Prado Museum, a new redesign and development was made in order to update the website.

For this I was in charge of the art and design direction of the new website, providing it with greater simplicity to improve usability and appearance.

Un paseo por el Prado Sección
Un paseo por el Prado Sección

The Prado Museum celebrates 200 years reflecting on its history but with an eye always on the future. For this reason it was necessary to do something to live up to the circumstances.

Espíritu Mazda

A better experience on mobile devices

We wanted to improve the overall experience of the website but mainly on smartphones. So we created a responsive version that was crafted from the ground with tiny screens as our main focus.